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At 3D Ceilings, we're dedicated to enhancing your residential and commercial spaces with innovative ceiling solutions that go beyond the ordinary. Our extensive lineup includes top-quality plasterboard, robust steel ceiling partitions, timber accents, high acoustic elements, and specialty ceiling tiles. We also offer essential accessories like ceiling grids and a variety of insulation options.

Discover Our Ceiling Supplies

Ceiling Tiles: Elevate your interior design with a wide range of ceiling tiles that cater to various styles and functional needs.

Ceiling Panels: Create a seamless, polished look with our versatile ceiling panels, combining aesthetics and durability.

Ceiling Grid: Customize your space with our adaptable ceiling grid systems.

Plasterboard: Explore our premium plasterboard options for superior interior finishes.

Ceiling Rhinoboard: Add strength and reliability to your ceilings with our exceptional rhinoboard solutions.

Suspended Ceilings: Experience the flexibility and versatility of suspended ceilings for your unique projects.

Tailored Partition Solutions

When it comes to partitions, we understand the importance of practicality and aesthetics. Our partition supplies cover a spectrum of requirements, including rhinoboard for drywall, plasterboard, and wall grid systems.

Explore Our Partition Supplies

Rhinoboard For Drywall: Achieve structural integrity and visual appeal with our durable rhinoboard designed for drywall applications.

Rhinoboard: Create flexible partitions with our high-quality rhinoboard products.

Wall Grid: Optimize your space with our range of wall grid options for effective partitioning.

Complete Plastering Solutions

Our commitment to quality extends to plastering supplies, ensuring your projects are a cut above the rest. Our comprehensive range includes rhinolite, rhinolite projection plaster, skim plaster, rhinobed, rhinoglide, and cretestone.

Discover Our Plaster Supplies

Rhinolite: Trust in the excellence of rhinolite for your plastering needs.

Projection Plaster: Achieve remarkable results with our rhinolite projection plaster.

Skim Plaster: Perfect your finish with our selection of high-quality skim plaster.

Rhinobed and Rhinoglide: Explore reliable solutions for diverse plastering requirements.

Cretestone: Choose cretestone for durable and premium plaster finishes.

Efficient Insulation for Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability shines through in our insulation supplies, designed to improve energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. Our insulation product line includes aerolite, soundlite, ecosound, cavitybatt, energylite, cineplex, and factoryboard.

Explore Our Insulation Supplies

Aerolite: Enhance your thermal insulation with our trusted aerolite products.

Soundlite: Prioritize acoustic comfort with our soundlite insulation solutions.

Ecosound: Embrace environmentally-friendly insulation options that deliver results.

Cavitybatt: Benefit from wall cavity insulation with our high-performance cavitybatt products.

Energylite: Improve energy efficiency and reduce costs with energylite insulation.

Cineplex and Factoryboard: Explore insulation options for various applications.

Pioneering Sustainable Construction

At 3D Ceilings, we're at the forefront of sustainable construction practices. Our approach considers the entire building lifecycle, from materials selection to recycling, aiming to minimize the environmental impact. Whether you're renovating existing structures or creating new ones, our solutions prioritize thermal and acoustic comfort, indoor air quality, and safety, contributing to a greener future.

Energy Efficiency: The Way Forward

The world faces a pressing energy challenge, with the demand for energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions becoming increasingly urgent. Buildings are responsible for a significant portion of energy consumption and emissions, making energy-efficient solutions crucial. By incorporating adapted insulation and energy-saving techniques, we can potentially save up to 80% of a building's energy used for heating and cooling, making a substantial impact.

Embrace Sustainable Living

As urbanization continues to drive up energy consumption and emissions, the need for innovative design and renovation approaches becomes paramount. In response, local authorities are setting higher standards for energy efficiency. We are ready to meet this challenge by providing solutions that not only prioritize sustainability but also enhance the comfort and well-being of building inhabitants.

For comprehensive details about our services and products, we invite you to visit our website. Discover how 3D Ceilings can meet your unique requirements while contributing to a more sustainable and energy-efficient future.
41 Berkley Road, Unit 4, Berbax Industria, Maitland, Western Cape, South Africa
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