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Nestled at the end of a peaceful cul-de-sac, Athanor Self Catering Cottages invites you to an enchanting property spanning 1.7 hectares. Discover the allure of two distinctive self-catering cottages, Loerie and Piet-My-Vrou, each offering a unique charm.

Sweeping Vistas and Immersive Moments

Indulge in panoramic views down the Thyume valley, where nature's allure captivates within moments. Enveloped in a gentle cloud, the ambiance reduces visibility to mere meters, creating an immersive experience that resonates.

Throughout the year, nature paints a canvas of vibrant hues, especially during the enchanting seasons of autumn and spring. A brief forest trail on-site leads to a tranquil perennial stream, allowing you to capture the essence of life and nature's ever-changing artistry.

As twilight descends, witness one of nature's most wondrous spectacles—the skies transforming into a breathtaking masterpiece, a testament to creation's marvel.

Athanor: Unveiling Nature's Secrets

Step into Athanor, situated in the heart of Hogsback, and immerse yourself in this captivating experience! Drawing inspiration from Philostratus's 'Life of Apollonius,' Athanor is described as an occult hill veiled in mist. At its summit lies a well emitting an azure vapor, warmed by the sun, with a base adorned by red arsenic. Adjacent, a basin cradles an ever-steady, odorless, smokeless flame, maintaining a constant height. Notably, two obsidian reservoirs house the wind and rain, serving as a reservoir to nourish the land during parched spells, releasing clouds to water the surrounding countryside.

Loerie Cottage: A Quaint Haven

Discover the charm of Loerie Cottage, reminiscent of a "Hobbity" abode, with beautiful views accommodating up to 4 guests. The bedroom features a queen-size bed, and an open-plan living space includes a sleeper couch for two. In winter, enjoy the warmth of a cozy fire with a book and a cuppa, while summer beckons with bird-watching, garden exploration, or a leisurely stroll to the perennial stream.

Piet-my-Vrou Cottage: Family Retreat

Experience the family-friendly atmosphere of Piet-my-Vrou Cottage, accommodating up to 5 guests. The cottage features one bedroom with a queen-size bed, a loft with two 3/4 beds, and a single day bed and sleeper couch in the open-plan living area. Set against a beautiful garden backdrop, relish a magnificent view down the Thyume Valley from the deck while birds play in the trees.

Embark on a journey with Athanor Self Catering Cottages and explore the beauty of Hogsback.

For additional details on our offerings, amenities, and reservations, we invite you to visit our website. Immerse yourself in the enchantment that awaits at our hidden retreat!
10 Waterfall Drive, Hogsback, Eastern Cape, South Africa
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