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Our Pre-Primary School in Bedfordview strives to provide a warm, safe, caring and informal environment which encourages a gradual adjustment from the home to school.

Children are lead and developed in totality with a program designed to educate through play, the whole child physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, linguistically and aesthetically (mind, body and spirit) within an interdenominational community. Our program is characterized by positive and accepting attitudes toward children of all races, cultures and creeds.

The curriculum takes into consideration the research of well documented educationalists and best practices in early childhood care and education. Children are encouraged to learn by being actively involved - observing, exploring, investigating and experimenting through numerous open-ended activities and explorations of materials.

Each child is guided and facilitated in his/her development of positive self-esteem, selfconfidence and gradually increased competence, self-control and independence.Parental participation is encouraged and welcomed and parents are viewed as partners in their child’s education.

Want to get more information about our Pre-School or would like to see it inside, feel free to schedule a tour.

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22 Kings Road, Bedfordview 2008, Gauteng, South Africa
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