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Situated in the tranquil countryside of Roodeplaat, Pretoria, Bly-Moedig Psycho-Geriatric Clinic is committed to delivering dignified care and a structured, safe environment for our patients.

Experience Our Legacy

For over 30 years, we have maintained a well-organized and professional clinic. We invite you to visit our facility, located just minutes outside Pretoria, to experience our warm, country setting.

Our Expertise and Services

Specialized Alzheimer's and Psychiatric Care: Expertise in Alzheimer's and long-term psychiatric conditions.

Physical Disability Support: Comprehensive care for individuals with physical disabilities.

Recovery Programs: Personalized recovery care.

24-Hour Nursing Care: Continuous professional nursing care.

Peaceful Country Setting: Therapeutic and serene environment.

Established in 1978: Decades of dedicated service.

We are proud members of Alzheimer’s South Africa (

The Bly-Moedig Story

In November 1978, Sister Lina Enslin and her husband Pierre founded Bly-Moedig Clinic with a vision to provide exceptional care for the elderly. Initially planned for a small group, the clinic expanded rapidly due to high demand. The couple and their children moved out of their main house to accommodate more patients.

A Non-Profit Mission

Operating as a non-profit organization, Bly-Moedig Clinic focuses on care over profit. Lina, a dedicated nursing sister, considers caregiving her way of life. Her passion led to the admission of many patients with unknown illnesses, now identified as "Alzheimer-type-dementia," as well as those recovering from strokes and other conditions.

Comprehensive Patient Care

Our clinic primarily cares for elderly patients diagnosed with "Alzheimer-type-dementia" and other psychiatric disorders. Our residents include those with schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s Chorea, Down’s Syndrome, major depression, mental impairments, brain injuries, and other forms of dementia.

Training and Quality Assurance

Bly-Moedig Clinic serves as a training facility for nursing assistants, ensuring a high standard of care by selecting the best trainees. Our vulnerable patients receive compassionate and skilled attention in a supportive environment.

Growth and Community Support

To accommodate the increasing number of patients, we expanded our facilities with help from organizations like the N.G. Church of Lynwood Ridge, which provided both financial assistance and labor.

Ideal Setting for Care

Located in a quiet, peaceful area, our clinic is perfect for patients with Alzheimer’s, allowing them to roam freely without getting lost. The presence of pets and farm animals enhances the homely, farm-like atmosphere.

Accommodation Options

We provide various accommodation options based on patients' needs, including two-bed rooms, four-bed rooms, and dormitories for the very frail. This setup ensures continuous observation and care by our nursing staff.

Engaging Activities

Activities are tailored to each patient’s abilities to ensure comfort and enjoyment. Music and community involvement, such as attending school concerts, offer entertainment and relaxation.

For more information about our services and how we can assist you or your loved ones, please visit our website. Discover the dedicated care and compassion that make Bly-Moedig Clinic a trusted name in psycho-geriatric care.
42 Nieshout Street, Roodeplaat, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
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