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Step into the enchanting world of Bonegio Spanish Dance Academy, strategically located in the vibrant locales of Randburg and Bedfordview. Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of Spanish dance, expertly curated and taught by the renowned Gillian Bonegio. From the fiery beats of Flamenco to the grace of Classical and Regional styles, our academy welcomes individuals aged 6 to 95, offering both private lessons and group classes.

A Dance Odyssey: Gillian Bonegio's Inspirational Journey

Delve into the dance odyssey of Gillian Bonegio, a maestro whose journey began with ballet at the tender age of 8. Trained by the likes of Desi Cohen, Theo Dantes, Rhoda Rivkind, and Hazel Acosta, Gillian's artistic prowess shone bright as she graduated from the Johannesburg High School for Art, Ballet, and Music with honors in Spanish and Greek dance.

From South Africa to the Flamenco Halls of Spain

Witness the fusion of cultures as Gillian showcased her talents across South Africa and Greece with the Mercedes Molina Spanish Dance Company. Her quest for mastery led her to the heart of flamenco in Spain, where she refined her skills under the tutelage of Paco Romero, Pedro Azorin, La Tati, Ciro, and Martin Vargas. Upon her return, Gillian and her husband Raul established The Bonegio Spanish Dance Company.

A Tapestry of Performances: From TV to International Stages

Gillian's artistry has graced screens and stages alike. Her performances with Hazel Acosta, the Jose Montoya Spanish Theatre, and collaborations with luminaries such as Jose Greco and Antonio del Castillo attest to her diverse and acclaimed career. Notable productions like 'Cantina Tequila' and 'La Danza' have left an indelible mark on the dance landscape.

Guiding the Next Generation: Teacher and Examiner Extraordinaire

Beyond her stage presence, Gillian Bonegio holds prestigious teaching qualifications, including IDB (Instructor de Baile) and PDB (Profesor de Baile) from the Spanish Dance Society. As an examiner for Alianza Flamenca, she contributes to the development of aspiring dancers. Gillian also imparts her knowledge as the Spanish Dance Instructor at the National School of the Arts and serves as an examiner for the Gauteng Department of Education.

For a more in-depth information about our our classes, performances and to uncover the passion and precision that defines Bonegio Spanish Dance Academy please contact us.

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35 Cherry Drive, Randburg, Gauteng, South Africa
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