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Embark on a journey of academic excellence with the British International Distance College, located in the heart of Bryanston. Our affiliation with the University of Cambridge positions us as a trusted institution delivering top-tier distance education with a distinct difference.

A Legacy of Learning Spanning Two Decades

For over 20 years, the British International Distance College has been a bastion of learning, nurturing curious minds and propelling learners towards success.

Your Personal Academic Guides - Student Advisors

Our dedicated Student Advisors stand ready to guide and support you every step of the way, from 8am to 5pm on weekdays. Their mentoring presence ensures that you're never alone on your educational journey.

Empowerment Through Comprehensive Course Materials

Our meticulously designed course materials eliminate the need for private tutors, empowering you to excel through independent learning. Dive into our content-rich resources and unlock your potential.

Interactive Learning via Virtual Classrooms

Experience education in the digital age with our dynamic online virtual classes. These innovative sessions complement our high-quality programs, creating a holistic learning experience.

Unveiling Cambridge-Approved Textbooks

As a part of our commitment to excellence, we provide the latest Cambridge-approved textbooks, enriching your study materials. The value of these resources often rivals half the cost of the course itself.

Seamless Access and Delivery

Whether you're near or far, access our materials without hassle. Choose between convenient collection or complimentary courier delivery to your location.

Strategic Exam Readiness

Sharpen your skills through our biannual exam preparation tutorials and laboratory workshops. These carefully crafted sessions provide a crucial edge for your final assessments.

Empowering Choice in Examination Centers

Exclusive to us, enjoy the privilege of selecting from multiple examination centers across the nation. We're the sole Cambridge-accredited institution offering this service, relieving you of all examination administration burdens.

Crafting Cambridge Success Stories

Our students consistently shine in Cambridge exams, clinching top global positions and securing first places in diverse subjects, from Sciences to Humanities.

Your Gateway to Higher Education

A vast majority of our students achieve university exemption, stepping confidently into their desired degree programs and universities. Others attain a prestigious Cambridge Matric or equivalent qualification.

Unveiling the British International Distance College Distinction

Discover the elements that set us apart:

- Our tutors, Cambridge-trained experts, deliver education as they would to full-time students.

- We understand the nuances of self-study and provide tailored support.

- Our tutors are well-versed in Cambridge exam requisites.

- Weekly consolidation activities and interactive online work enrich your learning journey.

- Exam Preparation workshops and practicals are seamlessly integrated at no extra cost.

- Midterm seminars reinforce your learning experience.

- Online Student Services extend comprehensive support to distance learners.

- Student Advisors provide dedicated mentorship throughout your course, without additional charges.

- Tutor-assigned assignments are Cambridge-standard marked, at no extra expense.

- Access recommended textbooks, past papers, and meticulously selected course materials, all included.

- Choose from an expansive range of subjects, tailored to your interests and aspirations.

- Benefit from our exclusive examination centers across South Africa, simplifying the process.

- A year-round helpline offers continuous assistance, without added fees.

BIDC boasts accreditation as a homeschooling curriculum service provider, recognized by the Education Department.

To explore the full spectrum of our offerings and delve into the world of academic excellence, we invite you to visit our website. Uncover the opportunities that await and embark on a transformative journey of growth and achievement.
130 Bryanston Drive, Bryanston, Gauteng, South Africa
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