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​​Bug Out window insect screens are a concept designed, sourced, and perfected, resulting in a cost-effective and easy-to-install DIY window insect screen. Stockists Nationwide.

DIY kits are comprised of parts that can be cut down to required sizes with a pair of scissors, assembled and installed within minutes.

Using top quality Fibreglass mesh (ISO9001 standard of approval), pvc strips, pvc corner clips and magnetic strips with high-quality double-sided tape, all rolled and packaged together with instructions. This provides a much sought after solution to keeping all insects outdoors, night and day. The double-sided tape alone has been specifically created to withstand intense heat, 200 degrees celcius over a short term and 100 degrees celcius temperature over a long period of time.

The tape also cures 2 weeks after installation and increases in strength. We currently produce 7 standard sizes, the smallest size for air vents (most mosquitos and spiders use this entrance). These sizes match standard window sizes made for SA. There are other window sizes, especially in older houses and this is not a problem.

Once you've measured the height and width of your window frame, search for our kit size that is applicable, eg. if your window measures 500mm x 300mm, select our kit size 600mm x 350mm, then using a pair of scissors simply cut the pvc and magnetic strips to the correct size. Place corner clips front part facing down, and slide first part of pvc strips into corners forming a window frame. Lay the mesh over the frame, clip the second part of the pvc strip, which is magnetised, into the first pvc part (mesh is 'sandwiched' between these 2 parts). Cut excess mesh off around the borders. Finally place magnetic strip onto magnetised pvc strip, peel transparency off double-sided tape, and adhere to window frame. Pull corners to separate the magnets to open and close window. If clients have window sizes outside our standard sizes, or burglar bars, contact us as we will supply the solutions.


To fit all standard sized wooden door frames in South Africa. Size of door screen is 900mm x 2100mm. 18 Strong magnets running down the centre of the screen, no hands required to walk through screen, magnets automatically lock behind. Included are tacking pins for wooden doors.. We also make custom sized screens for security gates.


We make screens for sliding doors that need to be kept open at night times. Here door screen is 50mm wide and can be easily packed away during the day. Screen needs to be fixed to solid frame at the top end of the sliding door and solid side from where door opens from.


Our screens are designed to fit any type of window. Kits adhere to frames and not window openings...


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