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Welcome to Centurion Montessori School, where we're dedicated to nurturing the complete development of every child. Our approach is far from traditional, and we pride ourselves on providing an education that caters to the academic, physical, and emotional growth of our students.

A World of Exploration with Montessori Didactic Equipment

Our classrooms are not your average learning spaces. They're thoughtfully designed environments equipped with Montessori didactic materials that encourage hands-on, experiential learning. We believe in the power of exploration and discovery, which is why we've chosen this unique path to understanding complex concepts.

Cultivating Curiosity

At Centurion Montessori School, curiosity is our driving force. We're passionate about encouraging our students to ask questions, seek answers, and think critically. Our aim is to ignite a thirst for knowledge and understanding that will last a lifetime.

Small Classes, Big Community

Our commitment to personalized education is made possible through small class sizes and mixed-age group settings. This fosters a sense of unity and community among students and teachers. We believe that a close-knit learning environment allows us to cater to the individual needs of every child.

Beyond the Classroom

Learning doesn't stop at the classroom door. We believe in broadening our students' horizons through enriching experiences. From educational outings that expand their horizons to annual camp adventures for our Primary section, we're all about learning by doing.

A Diverse Curriculum and More

Our curriculum goes beyond the basics to offer a comprehensive educational experience. In addition to the Montessori and traditional subjects, we provide a range of exciting inter-mural subjects during the school morning and extra-mural activities in the afternoons that allow students to explore their passions and develop new skills.

Babies and Toddlers: 0 – 3 year olds: Our little ones enjoy a safe, prepared environment to explore and learn. We also offer Music and Clamber Club to enrich their learning experience.

Pre-Primary: 3 – 6 year olds: Our young learners enjoy various activities over and above their Montessori curriculum, including PhyZZ Ed, Music, Clamber Club, and Computers/Coding (for Grade R students).

Primary School: Gr.1 – 7: Our Primary School section offers a wide range of subjects, in addition to the Montessori and Caps Curriculum, including Coding and Robotics, PhyZZ Ed Sport, Music Appreciation and Keyboard or Recorder Lessons, Chess, and Art, creating a well-rounded education for your child.

For a deeper look into our innovative educational approach and the unique opportunities we offer, we invite you to explore our website. There, you'll find detailed insights into our programs, dedicated faculty, and a better understanding of what sets Centurion Montessori School apart.
11 Estcourt Avenue, Wierdapark, Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa
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