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Looking to run a successful & memorable online competition in South Africa?

You have come to the right place. We have been running successful competitions & promotions for the last 10 years, bringing attention to your business’s products and services is what we do best. Promotional offerings serve as important components for all business’s overall marketing strategies. Boost your competitive advantage today and sponsor a prize or promotional offering and allow us to make a digital event of it for you online.

Running a prize promotion with us can give your company that much needed brand awareness and exposure online through our Giving More website, associated partner directory network, as well as our Facebook & Twitter pages. We have acquired a substantial targeted audience that absolutely love our free prize giveaways & promotions.

What do you get with our competition promos?

We use a specific product or service that you are trying to promote online and create a memorable marketing promotional experience that will attract the clients you are looking for and keep them engaged.

Prize Giveaways

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All our competitions are cross-promoted via our social media channels for additional exposure

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Why should I get involved?

Well, let us put it this way, running a competition can be an extremely effective tool in generating more leads, traffic, visibility, awareness, and customer engagement online. 

Think about it, you can either run the usual boring old ads that may get a view or two when stumbled upon on the internet, or you can rather build an exciting targeted competition ad campaign that will run over a six month period, when running a promotion over an extended period of time it allows you to capitalize on increasing the audience reach and memorability of that promotion, because you provide everyone a chance to share your valued proposition with their friends and family that may also have interest in what it is you have to offer, as well as providing the newly formed interested client the opportunity of entering that awesome competition weekly and having them come back time and time again, thus keeping your valued business product or service in their minds throughout the promotion, which in turn forms a lasting relationship with your newly formed online audience.

To take part in our competition promotions, you will need to be a partner of our online network. We currently have two package categories that will provide you with access to our Giving More competition club promotions. Should you need any assistance in building your online awareness for you businesses products or services or perhaps you are looking to bring a new modern brand image to life for your business in the form of a website, then you can simply view the packages below and a consultant will assist you with any and all of your promotional needs within our network package offering.

Once you have become a partner of our network and have acquired a listing for your business on our platform, which is included in the below mentioned packages, you will then have unlimited access to promoting your competitions and specials through your business page and throughout our digital network.

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