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At ECOmonkey Recycling based in Randburg we offer recycling & waste management services and are driven by a desire to make the sorting and collection of recyclable waste easy and hassle free.

ECOmonkey, South Africa

Saving the planet one bin at a time!

ECOmonkey is committed to assisting with cleaning up our environment through the establishment of an environmentally friendly recycling collection service.

We are driven to promote an Owner Driven collection service.


We collect, and deliver the materials to various, community recycling projects we support, the materials are sorted and the income goes directly to the community members involved.

This service is offered to individual households, flats, townhouse complexes, cluster complexes, estates, office complexes, industrial companies, Restaurants and shopping centres ensuring that recyclables are processed correctly and do not end up on unsightly, dirty and negatively impacting land fill sites.

We are an combination of small SMME’s, looking at expanding, we have been around for over 10 years, with a exceptional track record, our goal is on Personal empowerment and Guidance and True empowerment, i.e. we don’t employ people, we help them to setup their own company’s, and work for them self’s under our Gide and support helping them to be more and Grow at their own pace, Currently we have 5 collection teams under ECOmonkey and 4 recycling centres all of them owner/community managed, and we are looking at expanding with in all of SA

We collect glass, paper, plastic, cans and e-waste

We make a difference, Do you???

Let's all take the first step in creating a cleaner environment & ensuring that our children have a bright clean future...

We offer a Weekly or Fortnightly Collection Service for all your Recycling

We come and collect all you’re recycling at Home or at the Office


54 Aldred Street, Albertville, Randburg, Gauteng, South Africa
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