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Founded in 2019, EEG Africa emerges as a healthcare beacon in Durban, South Africa, thanks to the passion and expertise of Dr. Amith Keshave and Dr. Smita Bhagwan. This dynamic husband-wife duo, consisting of a pediatric neurologist and an adult neurologist, share a deep commitment to revolutionizing the support provided to epilepsy patients. Their mission encompasses precise diagnosis, improved management, enhanced educational outreach, and increased public awareness.

Revolutionizing the Diagnostic Process

At the core of their mission lies the commitment to accuracy. Accurate diagnosis is the linchpin in epilepsy care, as missing seizures can have dire consequences for patients, while misdiagnoses can result in unnecessary medication regimens with undesired side effects. EEG Africa's primary objective is to deliver top-quality Electroencephalograms (EEGs) for patients of all ages, with a special focus on children. Performing EEGs on infants and children presents a unique set of challenges. These encompass different head sizes and shapes as children grow, newborns' restlessness, crying infants, and the energy of hyperactive children, all of which require specialized care.

Enhancing Quality of Life through Sleep Studies

Beyond their epilepsy care initiatives, EEG Africa offers comprehensive sleep studies for both adults and children. These studies play a pivotal role in accurately diagnosing sleep disorders, which are intricately connected to a range of chronic health issues and have a profound impact on a person's quality of life.

Introducing EEG Africa: Your Epilepsy and Sleep Disorder Partners

Setting the Gold Standard in Monitoring

At EEG Africa, they take pride in offering gold standard monitoring for seizures and sleep disorders. Their unyielding commitment to precision and excellence extends to the following key areas:

Specialized EEG Monitoring for Newborns: Uniquely tailored expertise in capturing brainwave activity in the youngest patients, ensuring early diagnosis and care.

Expertise in Pediatric Seizures and Epilepsy: A deep understanding of the challenges posed by epilepsy in children, leading to specialized care.

Tailored Sleep Disorder Diagnostics: Customized sleep studies that pinpoint sleep disorders in both adults and children, leading to improved overall well-being.

Demystifying the Science

Unpacking the EEG: An Electroencephalogram (EEG) is an advanced procedure that records brain waves and identifies any irregular electrical activity in the brain.

Exploring the Sleep Realm

Unraveling the Sleep Study: A sleep study is an overnight procedure that closely monitors your sleep patterns, designed to identify and diagnose serious sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea.

To gain a holistic perspective of their services and to understand how EEG Africa is transforming epilepsy care and sleep disorder diagnosis, we invite you to visit their website. Your journey towards enhanced health and well-being begins here.
148 Mazisi Kunene Road, Life Entabeni Hospital, Berea, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
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