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General Guttering Suppliers and Manufactures are more than industry leaders, we are also trendsetters with a diversified team of professionals ready to meet all the requirements of our clients.

We have years of experience supplying the best quality service and craftsmanship to our customers from design to installation. Our confidence is in our ability to deal professionally with guttering challenges and present solutions we strive to meet all requirements and specifications with attention to detail and quality workmanship.

For your convenience we are based in Kempton Park, Gauteng, in the centre of the Gauteng area. We can cover all of Gauteng, including Randburg & Pretoria with ease. Our qualified professionals are available for all projects, allowing for the ability to cater for any demands big or small, Nationwide.

We also do maintenance on existing gutter installations, especially seamless gutter systems.

Please contact us today with your project. We are looking forward to be of service and to provide you with the cost-effective solutions to all your rainwater requirements.


Premium quality and superior workmanship is the heart that drives us from start to finish. Our well-trained and professional gutter installation crews are fully dedicated to provide you with the perfect guttering solutions to all your drainage needs.

We offer the following services:

1. Seamless gutters

The gutters are seamless (no leaking) from corner to corner, therefore presenting a neat uninterrupted line against the roof. We roll form the gutters on site from a pre-painted colour bond (no painting ever) coil into the ogee profile for strength and a timeless aesthetic finish. To add the beauty, we pride ourselves in providing hanger brackets which are concealed inside the gutter thus preventing unsightly finishes.

The corners are mitre - joined, pop - riveted and sealed with a UV resistant silicon sealer to prevent leaks. Profiled end-caps are fitted to the ends of the gutter and sealed with silicon. The gutters are fitted as level as possible, the roof levels permitting, with aesthetics as first consideration and functionality and drainage as second.

The gutter sizes available are:

* 6 inch (150mm x 100mm) industrial
* 5 inch (125mm x 85mm) domestic

Downpipes available in:

* 100mm x 75mm rectangular
* 75mm x 50mm rectangular

The downpipes are placed at optimum positions as required by the gutter system and determined by the accuracy of the roof. Ground drainage is also considered when placing the down pipes, as well as the aesthetics. The size and the position of the downpipes are mostly determined by your preference, whilst taking the water volume into account.

2. Custom made or Box Guttering Systems

We also do specialized box gutter systems. Boxed gutters are available in various sizes and include other applications with rainwater heads (hopper boxes). These are measured and made up to specification.

Most gutter installations take one day to complete from start to finish, larger houses require more time. Access and difficulty determines the time spent on most gutter installations. We undertake to minimize any inconvenience towards our client when we replace the gutters.

3. Fibre Cement Fascias and Barge Boards

An additional service we offer are Nutec fascias in various sizes and barge boards to roofs. We can fit or replace fascias behind the gutters, and “L”-shaped barge boards on the roof apexes.


Based in, Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa
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