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Experience an educational voyage like no other at Hillcrest High School, where our commitment goes beyond textbooks. We foster excellence in academics, culture, and sports within a compassionate atmosphere that nurtures individuality and values spiritual and social development.

A Realm of Academic Rigor

Our students thrive under the mantle of high academic expectations. Throughout the academic year, we engage in a dynamic assessment process that propels learning forward. But our commitment extends beyond the classroom; we curate a diverse range of extracurricular activities that challenge and enrich young minds. Every student embarks on a journey of self-discovery, participating in a minimum of two activities annually.

Empowering Individual Growth in a Progressive Haven

Rooted in the history of 1976, a monumental year for South Africa, Hillcrest High School has emerged as an institution that echoes the values of progress and unity. Initially, a modest gathering of 250 students in Grades 8-10 with a staff of 10, our school's growth has been exponential. Today, we proudly stand with a student body exceeding 1100, guided by a dedicated team of over 100 educators.

A Tapestry of Diversity and Achievement

At Hillcrest, we celebrate our journey of becoming an inclusive and diverse community. A defining moment was our transition to a Model B school in 1991, embracing students of color and nurturing a multicultural atmosphere that remains our hallmark. This tapestry of diversity fosters mutual respect and enriches the educational experience for every student.

Honoring Tradition, Embracing Success

Our legacy is one of triumph. The pages of our Prospectus narrate a tapestry of academic and extracurricular offerings, showcasing the milestones achieved by our students. A testament to the prowess of our educators, our Matric results stand as a tribute to our commitment to excellence.

Foundations of Triumph

Five pillars uphold the legacy of Hillcrest High School:

Academic Excellence: We cultivate a culture of intellectual curiosity, nurturing lifelong learners.

Sportsmanship and Fitness: Athletics teaches valuable life skills like teamwork, discipline, and resilience.

Cultural Enrichment: Our diverse cultural activities encourage creativity and self-expression.

Leadership for Tomorrow: We empower students with leadership qualities to make a positive impact.

Community at Heart: Engaging with the community instills a sense of responsibility and empathy.

Crafting Success Stories

Our commitment to diverse learning needs is unwavering. Through academic support programs and the Learner Support Unit, we ensure no student is left behind. The LSU, established in 2006, is a haven for students with mild learning difficulties, paving the way for remarkable Matric results.

Pioneers of E-Learning

As pioneers in the realm of e-learning, we proudly earned the title of a Microsoft Showcase School in 2017. Guided by our Technology Integrator, we embarked on an e-learning journey that empowered both students and educators. Our collaboration with Microsoft and participation in educational initiatives underscore our dedication to innovation.

Discover Your Journey

Hillcrest High School's legacy spans 46 years of holistic education. We invite you to explore the opportunities that await, where education is not just a curriculum but a life-enriching experience. Join us in crafting a future brimming with promise.

To embark on your journey or to learn more, visit our website.
40 Ridge Road, (main entrance in Shortlands Avenue), Hillcrest 3650, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
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