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Little Royal Academy - Fourways - Gauteng

on Thursday, 17 March 2016. Posted in Specials Extravaganza


As the future of our country, we offer your child the royal treatment – a personalized learning opportunity that prepares kids aged 2-6 for the classroom… and far beyond.

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011 467 0301 or 072 262 7307


Most preschools focus on fine/motor skills, cognitive skills and, more recently, social-emotional development. We do too. In fact we take our curriculum to a whole new foundation. Kids LOVE new knowledge so why waste the fundamental years depriving them of worldly trivia? We believe that no new knowledge is bad knowledge and so our kids here at our Academy learn about the History of their world, the Geography of it, the Biology of their bodies and nature around them. They learn about the Science of animal studies and of course the one thing that governs our world today – Computer literacy.

But many children struggle with school work because they have not been exposed to instructional learning during early childhood. Unlike cognitive skills, which can be learned naturally through stimulation, instructional skills – such as mathematics and reading – are neither intuitive nor likely to develop on their own, which will lead to anxiety and frustration growing up because our schooling system, public and private alike, requires that our kids be tested on the curriculum and syllabus.

The curriculum is a guideline which prescribes what educators need to teach their children.

The syllabus is a descriptive list of things that will be taught in a particular class. Our kids will have to complete these academic programmes in order to graduate to the next grade. Are yours ready for it?

Through a friendly introduction to these fundamental concepts during the critical phases of development, learning can be exciting and fun. The sooner we teach these skills, the easier it is for our kids to learn them.

Through our intensive-care approach, by the time your little prince/princess has graduated from our academy at age 6, they will be linguistically and mathematically literate.

They will read. They will write. They will be whizzes at addition and subtraction – they will have all the tools they need to succeed in school.

It is a privilege to invite your child to join our readiness academy.

We also offer Aftercare for Primary scholars!

We have a program for our Primary children too. We offer tutoring for any subject that they may be struggling on. We want our children to excel and enjoy their time at school. They will also receive a snack at 15:00. Our aftercare program will keep your child safe and secure as well as enhance their school abilities!

There is a fun Holiday Program too for those schools that do break up!


Little Royal Academy offers holiday school for all those mums who can't afford to take leave during the holidays.

ONLY R150 for the full day, all snacks and lunch included.

We open from 07:00 to 17:30 during the holidays.

Fun activities such as kids yoga and gardening!

Sign up now and receive a 5% discount!

A day full of learning and fantasy, your kids will never want to go home :)