Oil For Health - Fun-Tastic Prize

WIN Infused Canna Glycerine Drops (30ml) and a FREE consultation valued at R700.00
Oil For Health - Fun-Tastic Prize
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WIN Infused Canna Glycerine Drops (30ml) and a FREE consultation valued at R700.00

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Infused Canna Glycerine Drops (30ml)


• Fights and destroys cholesterol & toxins
• Cleanses the blood and lymph
• Restores positive energy
• Boosts energy
• Restores blood platelets
• Can be applied to skin for wrinkles
• Can be applied to skin for skin cancer
• Ears, eyes and nebulising for lungs
• Can be used to destroy acne
• Rebuilds immune system
• Used as a daily booster tonic
• Improves intelligence
• Used as calming drops
• Removes ticks & fleas from animals
• Snake bites, spider bites

THC 9 strain mixed with vegetable glycerine (vegan, halal etc)

2% THC / 150mg CBD per volume

80% absorption under the tongue

1 Bottle = 3 month supply (standard dosage)


5 drops under tongue before breakfast and before lunch
Place drops on the skin underneath the tongue
NB: 1 drop at a time on the skin underneath the tongue for maximum absorption!

Dosage varies for kids and seniors ~ 3 drops
- Babies can safely have the infused, low dosage, 1 drop

Nebulise: 5 drops in 30ml water twice a day
Eyes: 1 drop twice a day
Ears: 2 drops twice a day
Flu: add 3 drops mid-morning 11am (can also add 3 drops mid-afternoon 3pm)

Pets: 2-3 drops small, 3-5 medium, 5-10 large
Put on paw and they will lick it off

Horses: 10 drops. Rub under tongue or into mouth/gums


We are passionate about helping people heal themselves with Cannabis Oil. We offer free consultations to determine which products are best suited for you, your illness/s and your pocket. We are an online store.


Each strain benefits a specific area of the body. We deal with 46 strains of THC and 18 of CBD, with 9 strains in each product. We grow in a non-toxic, unpolluted, air, water and light controlled environment and also in the upper mountains with zero pollution and natural flowing waters. We use CO2 extraction, with zero bio toxins. And we infuse into an organic coconut carrier oil for maximum absorption into the body. These strains can now help 1 946 conditions with Cancer survivors now in the thousands.


Cannabis oil seeks out damaged and blocked cells and start to destroy the toxins. Once the toxins are stripped each cell is re-built back to as near as possible where it was BEFORE your illness. That’s why the oil helps so many different diseases – it doesn’t cure the disease it “reconditions” the cell where the disease resides – very very clever. The cannabinoids then build up your immune system so your body can heal naturally.

You do NOT get high as this is micro - dosing with medical Cannabis oil and it is not “recreational”.


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Winners will be chosen by The Care Office on the 01 April 2020!!! To give everyone a fair chance to WIN!!

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