Travel Light Healing Practice | Fun-Tastic Prize

WIN a ancient crystal reading valued at R1000.00
Travel Light Healing Practice | Fun-Tastic Prize
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WIN a ancient crystal reading valued at R1000.00

PLEASE NOTE - Prize only valid for Sandton and surrounds residents

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Insight Into Past, Present & Future Energies

Get clarity, understanding, healing, empowerment and direction

Twin reader crystals create a link between the reader and receiver, to give a deep insight into past, present and future energies that are affecting the receiver.

This session has given clients a great amount of clarity, understanding, healing, empowerment and direction.

Session Type

60 Min


Dedicated to helping you to travel light. Life doesn’t have to be a big long hike with a bag weighing you down that’s larger than yourself. All our “baggage” (emotional, physical, mental and spiritual) we’re carrying on our journey is against the natural flow of life. This weight on our shoulders makes our journey extremely challenging, exhausting and painful, which ultimately robs us of enjoying a life filled with of passion and joy.

Tragically, we have forgotten who we are. We add years to our life, but not life to our years. We are over-educated and under-informed. We have conquered outer space, but have lost inner space. We have more medicine and prophets, but less wellness and sanity. We have become addicted to noise and speed, but long for the silence and wisdom that restore our souls.

The more we let go of the things that do not serve us, the lighter our journey becomes. The more we are aligned with the natural flow of life, the less effort everything takes. The more we connect with our true essence, the more purpose and joy we experience.

I have received very ancient tools and extensive training to help you lighten this load by assisting you to discover those aspects of your true self that got lost along the way. I have used these healings to transform many people’s lives and it would be my privilege to share them with you.



Life Activation
Full Spirit Activation
Fire Soul Infusion and Activation
Hermetic Soul Retrieval
Shamanic Aura Healing
Egyptian Aura Healing
Crystal Healings
Laser Light Theraphy
Meridian Lines
Tree of Life & Chakra Awakening
Emotional Cord Cutting
Spark of Life (Remote Healing)
Negative Energy Removal
Positive Energy Renewal
Energy Balance
Aura Healing


Life Purpose Reading
Ancient Crystal Reading


Sacred Temples
Ancient Crystal Gridding


Empower Thyself 



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Winner will be chosen by The Care Office on the 01 September 2019!!! To give everyone a fair chance to WIN!!

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