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Infinity Belt and Machinery Consulting Services (PTY) LTD emerged on the scene in 2020, specializing in the steel belt and processing equipment sector. Our home base is Johannesburg, but we extend our services across the African continent and select European territories.

Our Expertise

With a collective sales experience exceeding 25 years, our Director and consultants offer a unique fusion of industry knowledge and European technical proficiency, making us a leading authority in steel belts and conveyor equipment.

Exclusive Partnership

Infinity Belt and Machinery Consulting Services is the exclusive agent for the renowned Berndorf Band Group in Southern Africa. Berndorf Band Group is renowned for producing top-quality steel belts and providing comprehensive solutions, encompassing engineering, services, and exceptional customer care.

Versatile Solutions

Our expansive range of solutions caters to a multitude of industries, serving as trusted suppliers to major particle board manufacturers, food processing facilities, and petrochemical companies across Southern Africa.

Our Offerings

At Infinity Belt and Machinery Consulting Services, our commitment is to deliver solutions that are both comprehensive and tailored to your specific requirements. Our core offerings include:

Carbon and Stainless Steel Belts: Customized for applications in food processing, chemicals, rubber, and the wood-based panel industry.

Spare Parts and Conveyor Components: Covering everything from v-ropes to belt support and tracking devices.

Steel Belt-Based Equipment: High-quality conveyors and coolers designed to optimize your processes.

After-Sales Support: Offering new installations, repair services, and ongoing technical assistance.
Explore Further

For a deeper understanding of our services, our unique expertise, and the complete spectrum of our capabilities, we cordially invite you to explore our website. Discover more about what sets us apart in the world of steel belts and machinery consulting.

6 Main Street, Bordeaux, Randburg, Gauteng, South Africa
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