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Deciding where to place a beloved parent when they can no longer look after themselves is an enormous decision.

There are so many factors to be considered and there are so many retirement homes to choose from, with many having long waiting lists. When making this life-changing decision for your loved one – you need to take into account so many factors and we know just what an emotional time this can be for everyone concerned – having had first-hand experience.

As a result, Junes Haven, was started by Joy Flowers and her mother Debbie Weissenberg in memory and honour of their beloved June Watson.Junes Haven is a small and exclusive home for the elderly, dedicated and committed to the full time care and comfort of its dear residents in a beautiful and loving “home” environment, different from the more traditional "institutional frail cares".

This serene environment is the perfect home for elderly men and woman, and is an assisted living environment which is therefore completely suitable for all residents in need of aid and support in all activities of daily life – given in a warm manner by our devoted nurses, care givers and management


Parktown 2193, Gauteng, South Africa
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