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Nestled on the border of the Kruger National Park, a short drive from the charming town of Malelane, you'll find Kambaku River Lodge—an exquisite 5-star retreat unlike any other.

Our Unique Story

Kambaku River Lodge is the dream of Tony and Leanne, a haven of luxury and tranquility inspired by the legendary Magnificent Seven Big Tusker Elephants. Set against the backdrop of the Crocodile River, our lodge offers guests a privileged view of the untamed African wilderness.

Luxurious Accommodation

At Kambaku River Lodge, we've crafted a collection of accommodations to suit your preferences. Choose from the cozy 2-bedroom Kambaku River House, or expand your space with the addition of Ndlulamithi, creating a 3-bedroom retreat. Ndlulamithi can also be booked as a standalone option, featuring the elegant suites of Joao, Shawu, and Mafunyane, all providing sweeping views of the Crocodile River and Kruger National Park. Seeking a more intimate setting? Our spacious bed and breakfast suite, Shingwedzi, offers a partial river view. Our beds, whether king-size or twin, are adorned with the softest percale linen and inviting down duvets. The choice is yours: savor self-catering or indulge in the convenience of having your meals served on your private patio.

Wildlife Encounters

From the vantage point of our lodge deck or your private patio, you'll bear witness to the wonders of African wildlife. Hippos, elusive leopards, majestic rhinos, and herds of buffalo and elephants frequently grace the river's edge. Bird enthusiasts will be in their element, as our lodge teems with a rich diversity of birdlife. Throughout the day, the distinctive call of the fish eagle fills the air, creating an unmistakably African ambiance. As night descends, the sounds of the African wilderness serenade you beneath a canopy of brilliant stars.

Activities to Savor

Golfing Delights: Nearby, the prestigious Leopard Creek Golf Course beckons for a day on the greens. Allow us to make the arrangements.

Soothing Spa Retreat: Rejuvenate your senses with a blissful massage at our Dzombo Spa during your stay.

A Safari Adventure: Embrace the essence of your proximity to Kruger Park with a safari. Whether you're up for self-driving in your own vehicle or prefer the expertise of a guided safari, we have you covered. Our specialized open safari vehicle will transport you to the heart of the park, departing from the nearby Malelane Gate.

Note that all safaris are subject to an affordable surcharge set by the Kruger National Park. Additionally, we can organize captivating trips to Swaziland, Mozambique, or the enchanting Panorama Route.

For a deeper insight into our offerings, activities, and booking details, we invite you to explore our website. At Kambaku River Lodge, we offer an unforgettable African experience where luxury meets the untamed.


142 Strathmore, Malelane, Mpumalanga, South Africa
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