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Koffi Terapi is a established restaurant offering breakfast & lunch. Sit and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee, or get it to go while shopping at the upmarket Willowbridge Centre.


We offer multiple venues. The cozy Music Cafe with a stage that support up to 80 seats and a seasonal menu. We also offer a spacious theatre venue that houses 300 seated or 600 cinema style. The stage, sound system and lights included in the venue hire.


Catering can be provided for any occasion.

Hire one of our qualified chefs  who will prepare a menu of your choice. 


The vision for this eatery was to provide a relaxing and welcoming environment with a cup of special roasted coffee for therapy. The venue has also established itself as a favourite amongst locals and visitors all over the world. Koffi Terapi interior is modern yet inviting with beautiful outdoor seating and breath taking views, which is perfect for those who like to enjoy their meals or coffee alfresco. And to keep the little ones safely busy we have a lovely jungle gym and trampoline outside.

The new addition to Koffi Terapi is the KT Music Cafe in the evening. Local artists are invited to perform as you enjoy wine and delightful service. The perfect therapy after a long work week.  

Customers can enjoy freshly baked breads, used in preparing delectable sandwiches, and our artisan cakes are baked on premises. Nagaland, the amazing coffee producer, can be enjoyed with a slice of cheesecake or, the favorite to all, our Lindt Chocolate Brownie. Some of the other popular items on the menu include the Breakfast Pan, Eggs Benedict or the Flapjack Stack. For the not so hungry the light lunch menu will tickle your tastebuds, all of our menus are seasonal, locally sourced and we use only the freshest of products.

Koffi Terapi won the award of best coffee shop in SA for Service Excellence in 2018 by the Restaurant Association of South Africa. Our pride is reflected in our service.

We house everything to help you design your perfect Private event, corporate event and wedding. Sit down with our professional chefs and design a menu signature to your tastes.


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