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Welcome to a haven of learning and joy for children aged 2 years to Grade R, located in the heart of Wynberg, Cape Town. Mary Poppins Children's Centre offers a unique blend of care and education, extending its services to after-school care for up to Grade 7.

Our Unique Approach

At Mary Poppins, our dedicated and experienced staff create a warm and engaging environment for your child. Daily activities are designed to foster a love for learning, and our commitment to communication ensures you stay informed about your child's adventures through weekly agendas and quarterly progress reports. Join us for "work in progress" mornings to witness your child's development firsthand.

Curriculum with a Difference

Immerse your child in our Early Childhood Development Programme, a theme-based curriculum aligned with the National Curriculum Framework (NCF). Explore the 6 Early Learning Development Areas (ELDAs), encompassing well-being, identity, communication, mathematics, creativity, and knowledge of the world.

Grade R Readiness Program

Preparing for Grade R is a significant step, and our School Readiness Programme, based on the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS), ensures a smooth transition. Themes add an element of fun to the learning process, making education an exciting journey.

Engaging Daycare Activities

From movement and music rings to educational games, outings, and creative play, our daycare activities create a vibrant learning atmosphere. Our curriculum, crafted by Day By Day Early Childhood Development CC, complements the diverse experiences we offer.

Enriching Extra Mural Activities

Extend the learning beyond the classroom with our extra mural activities, including rugby, speech & drama, swimming, dancing, and soccer. Open to both boys and girls, these activities focus on developing ball skills and movement.

Join Us at Mary Poppins Children's Centre

Let your children experience the magic of Mary Poppins, where learning meets laughter, and you can rest assured they are in good hands.

For a deeper dive into our offerings, visit our website.
1 Cavan Close, Wynberg, Western Cape, South Africa
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