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NATURE FRESH was established in 1997 in response to requests from the public for a fluoride- free toothpaste. This was unavailable in South Africa at the time. Since then Jim and Sue Visser and their highly efficient team have been helping customers to seek the best quality herbal and mineral based health products at the most affordable prices. Nature Fresh is about service, caring and sharing. Sue is a Health Researcher/product developer and contributes to radio, TV and top health publications. She also gives free workshops and writes for the CPD portal of SA Medical Academic, in support of natural medicine for mainstream Health Professionals.


During the past 22 years requests and suggestions from patients, doctors, dentists, pharmacists and gynaecologists have inspired the development of Nature Fresh’s unique range of health products. For example, Sue investigated the causes of vaginal problems with the help of top Gynaecologists: correctly pH balanced Tea Tree and Rooibos Intimate Cleansers and Lubricants were the result. She furthermore developed a range of hormone balancing tinctures to help with fertility, menopause, low testosterone and weight loss problems. These tinctures have been extensively tested on patients. For example, the Sweet Potato tincture raises progesterone levels to help with fertility and menopause problems. 


It is not all about the money. Sue stands up to incorrect and universal assumptions about PARABENS in order to uphold the truth and not to deceive gullible customers. She often finds that highly respected health authorities do not know their facts. Furthermore, we need to understand how oestrogen really causes cancer. Health protocols and in-depth supportive articles are provided on the website. Sue personally answers all email letters and queries. People are encouraged to make well informed choices, to take full responsibility for their own health and to work with Practitioners who deal with health issues at a causative level. Sue interacts with a wide field of Health Professionals and has a working knowledge of Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy, Reflexology, Polarity Therapy and the Martial Arts. Patients’ needs are unique and that is why she advocates that all diets need to be compatible with one’s blood type - regardless of being free of gluten, carbs, fats or whatever the current diet craze may be. The proof of the pudding is in the eating!  Full blood type resources are available for free on the website. 


Ongoing research and information is constantly updated so that customers who need more than just a lotion or a potion can make informed choices about the suitability of the ingredients of products. For example, not all natural oils are created equal. Some of them cause pimples, no matter how organically certified they are. To avoid hidden costs to the consumer, Nature Fresh products do not carry any endorsements. By adding extra value and keeping prices low this enables Nature Fresh to be more affordable for the public. Products are not tested on animals, although family and other animals who try them out have become keen Nature Fresh fans. Even the toothpaste has a variant for pets - without xylitol which is not good for them. Horses consume vast quantities of the Calcium Complex to maintain their muscles, joints and bones. Furthermore, the probiotic liquid has become a favourite additive to the drinking water for racing pigeons as well as their owners! The Nature Fresh Family keeps on growing. 


Charities are the sole beneficiaries of the Nature Fresh advertising budget (with the exception of this Health Guide website). Operation Smile receives a major percentage of the profits:  this helps to finance surgery to correct children’s mouth deformities. Some ranges are labelled to enable customers to contribute to this needy cause. Their surgical missions are also supported with hampers of oral hygiene products from Nature Fresh.  Good Manufacturing Practice standards are upheld and all products are made using sustainably sourced ingredients - especially locally grown and wild harvested items. This provides income opportunities for rural communities as well as for disabled individuals.


Nature Fresh products have QR codes on their labels. These codes link to information on the website which explains the function of specific herbs and supplements. European Monograms and extensive references outline their uses, functions and precautions. Herbs can be used to support mainstream medications. Olive leaves and Artemisia can cure malaria! In many cases they remain effective against drug resistant bacterial strains. This information has been shared with international publications and the CPD portal - Mother Nature can help to solve these problems!  Drug resistant bacteria can be treated once the biofilm that surrounds them is removed. Sue continues to delve into the possibilities that plants and natural substances provide cures to diseases that baffle mainstream minds. Nature Fresh keeps growing!


Unit 16 Boulevard Way, Capricorn Business Park, Muizenberg 7945, Western Cape, South Africa
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