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Welcome to PCT Water Repellent Free State, where we redefine waterproofing with our advanced solutions. Our range extends beyond traditional offerings, providing effective treatments for rising damp in homes and robust industrial solutions.

Innovative Water Repellent Technology

In 1991, PYRAMID COLOUR TECHNOLOGY introduced a groundbreaking chemical treatment that permanently halts water or moisture penetration in cement products and bricks. This game-changing technology, known as PCT WATER REPELLENT TECHNOLOGY, differs significantly from conventional paint products and waterproofing composites. Its unique chemical reaction, triggered by atmospheric carbon gases and oxygen, imparts permanent water repellent properties. Among concrete sealers, PCT 56 Water Repellent Technology stands out in the penetrating group.

Unmatched Permanence

PCT 56 WATER REPELLENT TECHNOLOGY is unparalleled in providing permanent water repellent properties, making it the sole technology that seamlessly accommodates paint overcoating.

Diverse Product Lineup

Explore our range of innovative products, each designed to address specific waterproofing needs:

Pct 56 Water Repellent: Ensuring permanent water repellency.

Pct Fibre Waterproofing: Enhanced with synthetic fibers for added strength.

Aguaflex Waterproofing: A reliable solution for comprehensive water resistance.

Pct 66 Water Repellent Technology: Harnessing advanced technology for superior protection.

Liquid Additive for Cement: Boosting the water repellent capabilities of cement.

Cem-Skim: Versatile product for achieving smooth and water-resistant surfaces.

For in-depth insights into our innovative waterproofing solutions and a better understanding of how PCT Water Repellent Technology can serve you, we invite you to explore our website. Navigate through the possibilities and make informed choices for your waterproofing needs.
14 Danie Theron Avenue, General de Wet, Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa
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