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What is the Pestalozzi Trust?

The Pestalozzi Trust is a registered public benefit organisation established in 1998 by a group of Christians to provide affordable legal defence and advocacy services to protect the rights and freedoms of all member families to educate their children at home according to their own religious and/or philosophical persuasions, pedagogical convictions and cultural traditions.

Ten years later, it became apparent that the need for the protection of the right to education is just as great among the learners, parents and teachers in schools, and especially small schools. Accordingly, the Trust decided to also accept small schools as members.


Our goal is to preserve the universally and constitutionally recognised fundamental rights of parents and families to guide and direct the education of their children.

This empowers them to focus on learning with peace of mind and confidence, without unlawful interference. At the same time they ensure this freedom also for their grandchildren.


Prevention of conflict

We prevent conflict between the authorities and members by promoting knowledge of the rights related to education and by promoting better policy on home and private education.

Conflict resolution

We resolve conflict situations by assisting member families and member schools who get into conflict with the authorities. We strive to resolve conflict before matters escalate to court.


Should matters escalate to court, we carry the cost of a competent legal team and the necessary expert witnesses.


The Pestalozzi Trust is a public benefit organisation, governed by a Board of Trustees. It is funded from the fee that members pay and a small number of unsolicited donations.

Funds may only be used to protect the freedom of education.

The financial statements of the Trust are audited annually by an independent auditing firm.

PLEASE NOTE: The Trust represents its members ONLY in conflicts with organs of the state. This means that it CANNOT represent its members in conflicts:

1. between parents about custody of the children and their home education;
2. between parents or learners and the small schools that they use;
3. with curriculum suppliers; and/or
4. that have their origin in events that precede the commencement of membership.


801 27th Avenue, Rietfontein, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
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