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At Pool Covers Galore our pool covers are manufactured by companies who have been in the business for over 40 years. The covers conform to industry standards and are fitted by experienced professionals. All covers have a warranty.

We pride ourselves in offering friendly, reliable and professional services and exceptional pool covers and installations

Our solid PVC pool covers are made from a high-quality PVC material that is reinforced with polyester webbing to ensure strength and durability. The solid PVC material is designed to be waterproof and resistant to UV radiation, which helps to prevent algae growth and prolong the life of the cover. Additionally, the PVC material is treated with special stabilizers to protect against fading and degradation caused by exposure to the sun and other environmental factors. Our solid PVC material used is designed to provide reliable and long-lasting protection for your pool.


* Solid Safety Covers
* The Swim Shady
* Leaf Catchers
* Thermal Geobubble Covers
* Solid + Guard Geobubble Covers
* 400 Micron Geobubble Covers
* Jupiter Roll Up Stations
* Vector Roll Up Stations
* Safety Net Covers
* PVC Net Safety Covers
* Sliding Deck Covers
* Fully Automated Slatted Covers
* PVC Solid Safety Cover Winder
* PVC Rollup Track Pool Covers


1. Submit the measurements From our website of your pool in cm’s done with a tape measure, and send a few photos of the pool, from different angles.

2. We will send you a quote as soon as we receive your submission. You confirm the quote by paying the deposit and signing it.

3. We may need to confirm measurements, but we trust our clients measurements if they used a tape measure and measured in cm’s and sent photo’s.

4. Your order is placed in the queue and once the cover is complete, we will make an appointment with you to install the cover.


8 Uppercamp Road, Ndabeni, Cape Town 7405, Western Cape, Maitland, South Africa
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