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At Pool Covers Galore, we offer pool covers manufactured by industry-leading companies with over 40 years of experience. Our covers meet rigorous industry standards and are installed by skilled professionals. Plus, every cover comes with a robust warranty.

Reliable and Professional Service

We are committed to providing friendly, reliable, and professional service. Our goal is to deliver exceptional pool covers and top-tier installations, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Premium PVC Pool Covers

Our solid PVC pool covers are made from high-grade PVC material, strengthened with polyester webbing for added durability. These covers are designed to be waterproof and UV-resistant, which helps in preventing algae growth and prolonging the cover’s lifespan. The PVC material is also treated with special stabilizers to guard against fading and deterioration caused by sun exposure and other environmental elements, providing long-lasting protection for your pool.

Comprehensive Product Range

We offer a wide array of pool covers to suit various needs:

* Solid Safety Covers
* The Swim Shady
* Leaf Catchers
* Thermal Geobubble Covers
* Solid + Guard Geobubble Covers
* 400 Micron Geobubble Covers
* Jupiter Roll Up Stations
* Vector Roll Up Stations
* Safety Net Covers
* PVC Net Safety Covers
* Sliding Deck Covers
* Fully Automated Slatted Covers
* PVC Solid Safety Cover Winder
* PVC Rollup Track Pool Covers

Simple Installation Process

Submit Your Measurements: Use a tape measure to measure your pool in centimeters and send us several photos from different angles through our website.

Get a Quote: After receiving your measurements, we will provide a quote. Confirm the quote by paying the deposit and signing it.

Verify Measurements: While we trust our clients' measurements, we may occasionally need to verify them to ensure accuracy.

Installation: Your order will be placed in the queue, and once your cover is ready, we will schedule an installation appointment.

For more information about our services and to explore our diverse range of pool covers, please visit our website. We are eager to assist you in safeguarding and enhancing your pool with our high-quality covers.


8 Uppercamp Road, Ndabeni, Cape Town 7405, Western Cape, Maitland, South Africa
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