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At Rainbow Kiddies Montessori School, we recognize the priceless gift that children are. We understand the importance of entrusting your little one to a warm and nurturing environment.

Our Dedication to Your Child's Growth

Our primary focus goes beyond ensuring your child simply has a good day at school. We are dedicated to laying the foundation for their lifelong journey of learning and academic development.

Creating a Beautiful Learning Space

Our meticulously designed environment is a vibrant and inviting place where your child can flourish. Our staff is carefully chosen for their genuine love for children and their dedication to teaching.

Nurturing Early Development

In the crucial early years, we prioritize your child's physical, emotional, and academic progress. Our curriculum is built on Montessori principles, providing your child with an array of learning experiences.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

We value diversity, equity, and inclusion in our educational approach. Our goal is to instill in young minds an appreciation for differences in gender, culture, and family structures, fostering compassion and respect.

Empowering Independence and Creativity

Our holistic approach to education encourages independence and unleashes your child's creativity.

Exploring Our Learning Zones

Practical Life: Practical Life activities empower children to learn everyday tasks with purpose, promoting movement control, independence, fine motor skill development, and intellectual growth.

Sensorial Activities: Our Sensorial materials nurture a child's sense of order, refining their sensory abilities to grade, measure, sequence, classify, and manipulate materials by color and shape, a solid foundation for mathematics.

Cultural Development: Our Cultural area encompasses subjects like Science, Geography, Botany, Biology, Music, and Art. Children discover the world's wonders through interactive materials and activities.

Mathematics: Building upon Sensorial experiences, our mathematics curriculum guides children to explore arithmetic, from concrete to abstract concepts, developing crucial cognitive skills.

Language Development: Our language-rich environment supports children in consolidating spoken language and exploring its written forms, ensuring their linguistic growth.

Progress Tracking and Support

We are committed to your child's development. Daily record-keeping allows us to continuously monitor and observe your child's progress. Our Principal, a qualified Montessori teacher, offers guidance and support, with comprehensive progress reports issued in December.

For in-depth information about our programs and services, we invite you to explore our website. Rainbow Kiddies Montessori School is the perfect place to ignite your child's educational journey.
18 Palliser Road, Eastleigh, Edenvale, Gauteng, South Africa
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