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Located in the heart of Roodepoort, Gauteng, Realty Arena has been a prominent player in the real estate scene since 2011. What sets us apart is our commitment to delivering exceptional services in property valuations, sales, and rentals across the commercial, residential, and industrial sectors.

Your Trusted Boutique Realty Partner

We've consciously chosen to be a boutique realty house, a decision that allows us to focus on each transaction with unwavering dedication. This personalized approach ensures that we serve our clients with the utmost passion and integrity, providing them with a unique and satisfying real estate experience.

Meet Our Experienced Leader

Leading Realty Arena is Dean Garzancich, a chartered appraiser with a rich history in the high court and former Director at one of South Africa's most established realty firms. With over eighteen years in the industry, Dean has cultivated an ethical reputation for guiding both companies and private individuals in valuations, portfolio advice, and property transactions, whether through private treaties or auctions.

Expert Property Valuations

Our specialization lies in professional property valuations, extending to areas such as Plant and Machinery. Backed by a seasoned valuation team with a collective experience of over 40 years, we deliver comprehensive, high-quality valuation documents.

Our Diverse Clientele

Realty Arena has had the privilege of serving an array of clients, including well-known names like Balwin Properties, Curro schools, The Leisure group, Chester finance, Business Partners, The Cullinan Group, and private individuals. Our expertise encompasses various facets of property valuations, including Municipal Objections, Property Purchases or Sales, Financial Statements, Insurance, and Rental Determinations, among others.

For a deeper dive into our services and how we can assist you with your real estate needs, we invite you to explore our website. Your journey into the world of real estate begins here.
940 Sampler Street, Strubens Valley, Roodepoort, Gauteng, South Africa
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