Shakila Private Game Reserve & Bush Camp

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Explore the hidden retreat of Shakila Bush Camp within the expansive Shakila Private Game Reserve, nestled between Modimole and Bela-Bela in the enchanting Waterberg mountain ranges of Limpopo Province.

Nature's Canvas Unveiled

Dive into the embrace of nature as Shakila Private Game Reserve unfolds over 330 hectares, offering a canvas painted with abundant game, vibrant birdlife, and awe-inspiring landscapes. Take leisurely walks, immerse yourself in breathtaking views, and let the tranquility of this peaceful nature reserve envelop you.

Secluded Escape, A Stone's Throw Away

Merely 18km from Bela-Bela and a convenient 1h30 drive from Gauteng's bustling centers, Shakila Bush Camp emerges as a hidden escape. Perfect for intimate getaways, it beckons families and friend groups to savor the serenity of the Northern Limpopo bush.

Tented Elegance Amidst Wilderness

Step into a world of elegance with the Shakila Safari Bush Camp's range of tented accommodations. From Lerato, Kiepersol & Aloa Safari Tents to Panorama & Rotsvy Safari Tents and the cozy Wildesering & Stamvrug 4x4 Safari Tents, each unit promises a unique experience. Discover comfort in fully-equipped tents featuring spacious kitchens, braai lapas, sundowner decks, and private six-seater Jacuzzis.

Nature's Palette Unveiled

Shakila Private Game Reserve, a tapestry of Waterberg sandstone and diverse tree species, invites you to revel in its beauty. From Wild Seringa to the iconic Leopard and acrobatic Black Eagle, witness nature's wonders on your private sun deck overlooking the valley.

Wildlife Symphony in Nature's Amphitheater

Perched on a ridge, Shakila reveals a symphony of wildlife sounds – the Nyl River's gentle flow, calls of the Black Eagle, and the occasional echo of Fish Eagles. Encounter elusive creatures like the Leopard, marvel at the diverse birdlife, and witness game species like Brown Hyena, Kudu, Water-buck, and more.

Your Retreat Awaits at Shakila Bush Camp

Escape to Shakila Bush Camp for an exclusive retreat where nature's wonders unfold. Whether seeking quiet solitude or an adventure in Limpopo's heart, our camp offers a unique experience.

For booking details, activities, and the opportunity to own your slice of wilderness, visit our website. Shakila Bush Camp – where serenity meets adventure.
Bela-Bela, Limpopo, Bosveld, South Africa
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