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Dive into the heart-pounding world of shark encounters with Shark Cage Diving KZN, a premier operator in the realm of underwater exploration. Our esteemed founder, scuba diving maestro John Miller, is a true pioneer in Shark Cage Diving within KwaZulu-Natal. We invite you to embark on a unique journey at the mesmerizing Aliwal Shoal, located just south of Durban.

Your Gateway to Shark Exploration

Nestled within a convenient 60-minute drive from King Shaka International Airport, Shark Cage Diving KZN is strategically positioned at Rocky Bay, the safest launch site on the Durban South Coast. Our expertise lies in delivering an array of shark-related experiences, including Shark Cage Diving, Snorkeling with Sharks, and Shark Viewing at Aliwal Shoal in South Africa.

Encounter the Ocean's Apex Predators

While conventional shark cage diving often unfolds in the frigid waters of Gaansbaai, Cape Town, with a primary focus on the awe-inspiring Great White Sharks, our Aliwal Shoal locale boasts a warmer aquatic environment. Here, you'll have the chance to come face-to-face with various shark species, including Blacktip sharks, Dusky Sharks, Spinner Sharks, Tiger Sharks, and Zambezi Sharks. These captivating creatures may be smaller than their Great White counterparts, but their charm lies in their preference for smaller schooling fish as their main prey. Your safety is paramount, and our cutting-edge 4-man stainless steel shark cages, compliant with SAMSA regulations and meticulously designed for both diver and shark protection, ensure a secure and spacious environment for your adventure.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that brings you closer to an array of shark species in Aliwal Shoal, making it a perfect outing for families, friends, and colleagues.

Who Can Join the Adventure?

Our shark diving and snorkeling experiences are suitable for participants as young as 8 years of age, with no diving experience or swimming proficiency required. The complete excursion spans approximately 2 hours and includes 30 minutes of thrilling shark cage diving, along with surface shark viewing at Aliwal Shoal from the safety of the boat. You'll also have the opportunity to learn about sharks and Marine Life Conservation, and we'll explain the significance of shark nets. To ensure your comfort throughout the experience, refreshments are available on board.

Get in Touch for Pricing

If you're eager to take the plunge into this extraordinary adventure, don't hesitate to contact us for pricing details.

What to Bring Along

To make the most of your experience, remember to bring along essentials such as sunscreen, a towel, and your swimwear.

Snorkel with Sharks at Aliwal Shoal – Embrace the Wild!

For a deeper connection with these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat, consider snorkeling with sharks at Aliwal Shoal – no cage to separate you from the ocean's wonders. Even non-divers can partake in this thrilling endeavor, coming into close proximity with 5 to 20 Oceanic Blacktip and Spinner Sharks, and occasionally a few Tiger Sharks during the summer season. Rest assured, you'll have the constant company of experienced safety divers, each with two decades of shark interaction experience. Safety is our top priority, and we'll make a final decision on whether to proceed with the dive based on visibility conditions at Aliwal Shoal, aiming for a minimum of 5 meters.

Ready to dive into the adventure? For further insights into our services and to plan your unforgettable shark encounter, we invite you to explore our website. Experience the enchantment of Shark Cage Diving KZN and the captivating Aliwal Shoal – a realm of thrilling shark encounters that beckon the daring in you.


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