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Situated in Edenvale, Shim Stock Metals stands out as a leading supplier of diverse shim stock materials, encompassing stainless steel, brass, and copper variants.

Crafting Excellence: Precision Shims Worldwide

As a dedicated supplier and manufacturer, Shim Stock Metals takes pride in delivering top-notch maintenance and specialist shims to both local and international markets. Our unyielding commitment to quality control ensures that our clients consistently experience the excellence they deserve.

Tailored to Perfection: Custom Shim Solutions

Explore our array of products, from stainless steel shim stock to brass and copper alternatives. Beyond standard offerings, Shim Stock Metals provides personalized solutions, including custom shim washers and pre-cut shims crafted to precise client specifications.

Global Reach with Shipping Excellence

Shim Stock Metals takes your projects to new horizons with competitive shipping rates locally and internationally. Our global presence cements our position as a leader in the shim stock market.

Precision Unleashed: Laser Cutting Services

Elevate your projects with Shim Stock Metals' custom laser cutting services. With no minimum order quantity, we cater to projects of all sizes, utilizing custom drawing files to create shims tailored to your unique applications.

Quality Beyond Measure

At Shim Stock Metals, quality isn't just a standard—it's an obsession. Our materials undergo meticulous quality checks and chemical testing, ensuring that each product meets the stringent standards our clients demand.

For a more in-depth exploration of our offerings, visit our website. Shim Stock Metals is your go-to partner for precision, quality, and reliability. Discover how our precision shim stock materials and laser cutting services can elevate your projects to new heights.
76 Wagenaar Road, Unit 15, Edenvale, Gauteng, South Africa
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