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At Shorin-Ji Martial Arts & Fitness Centre, we are dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals, both young and old, residing in the scenic Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. Our center offers a range of dynamic programs aimed at instilling essential life skills, promoting physical well-being, and equipping our community with practical self-defense techniques.

The Path to Personal Growth: Karate Training

Our karate training program is more than just learning martial arts; it's a journey towards self-improvement. We provide a nurturing environment where individuals of all personality types can thrive. Whether your child is introverted, extroverted, anxious, or assertive, our program nurtures qualities like confidence, discipline, and composure. Our success stories include children with diverse needs, including those with ADD, ADHD, and sensory sensitivities. In addition to martial arts, we engage in thought-provoking discussions and activities to empower our youth.

Unleash Your Inner Warrior: Kickboxing Training

Revitalize your fitness routine with our invigorating kickboxing workouts. Blending martial arts techniques with cardio, our classes offer a holistic full-body workout. Whether you're a fitness novice or an experienced enthusiast, our kickboxing sessions break the monotony of traditional workouts and reignite your motivation.

Strength Through Unity: Functional Fitness Training

For those who thrive in group settings, our group fitness classes, personal training, and group personal training sessions are designed to cater to your fitness goals. Our experienced instructor, Sensei Ian, tailors drills to your specific needs, incorporating elements of boxing, kickboxing, fitness, and weight training.

Your Personal Fitness Journey: Personal Training

Experience a personalized approach to fitness that encompasses health improvement, weight loss, body fat reduction, core stability enhancement, increased strength, and toning.

Empowering Self-Defense: Self-Defense Training

In response to increasing safety concerns, we've introduced a comprehensive self-defense class suitable for individuals of all ages, including mothers, nannies, grannies, and children. Our program fosters situational awareness and equips you with self-protection skills. Learn how everyday items can serve as effective self-defense tools, and acquire practical techniques suitable for various age groups.

Celebrate with Karate: Karate Parties 4 Kids

Make your child's special day truly memorable with our exciting karate parties. For detailed information about our karate parties, please refer to the attached document below.

To delve deeper into our offerings and discover how we can assist you in achieving your goals, we invite you to explore our website. The Shorin-Ji Martial Arts & Fitness Centre awaits your visit, where empowerment meets excellence.
Business Locations:
20 Childrens Way, Dawn Patrol Moth Hall, Bergvliet, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

 31 Broad Road, College of Cape Town, Wynberg, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
20 Childrens Way, Dawn Patrol Moth Hall, Bergvliet, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
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