St Dominic's Catholic School for Girls

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Established in 1923, St Dominic’s Catholic School for Girls in Boksburg offers a unique educational experience, encompassing three distinct schools within its vibrant campus: Pre-School, Primary School, and Senior/High School.

Educational Stages

Begin the journey in our nurturing Pre-School (Grades 0000-0)
Forge a strong foundation in our engaging Primary School (Grades 1-7)
Embark on the transformative Senior/High School years (Grades 8-12)

Inclusive Community Embrace

St Dominic’s fosters an inclusive environment, welcoming girls of diverse religious backgrounds and races. Our school community, rooted in the teachings of St Dominic, celebrates unity and belonging.

Philosophy and Values

Our educational philosophy centers around nurturing holistic development. We believe that each pupil's potential flourishes when provided with a space for creative expression. St Dominic’s strives to be a community that upholds Gospel Values—justice, love, truth, and respect.

A Message from the Headmaster

St Dominic's Headmaster shares our commitment to providing pupils with an education that combines academic excellence with Christian values. The school is dedicated to developing individuals who find fulfillment and unity in Christ.

Preparing for the Future

In acknowledgment of the challenges posed by the 4th to 5th Industrial Revolution, St Dominic's focuses on equipping students with essential skills. Our curriculum embraces collaboration, presentation, coding, robotics, ethics, and critical thinking.

Your Daughter’s Educational Journey

Choosing a school is a significant decision. At St Dominic’s, we invite you to explore our unique ethos and educational approach. Our commitment to creating a nurturing environment ensures that your child's potential is celebrated and cultivated.

For a deeper insight into our programs and values, we encourage you to visit our website. Learn why St Dominic’s Catholic School for Girls is more than just a school; it's a community where your child's journey to success begins.
Kruger Street, Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa
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