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Welcome to T.M Electronics, your haven for top-tier electrical appliance service and repair, specializing in the entire array of Samsung products. Nestled in the heart of Springfield Park, Durban, we proudly stand as an authorized service center dedicated to providing unparalleled solutions for your Samsung devices.

Crafting Excellence: Our Founders' Journey

Embark on a journey intertwined with excellence, as T.M. Electronics was brought to life by the visionary minds of Abdool Mahomedy and Hemi Hiralall. Back in 1999, our story began when we were entrusted with the mantle of being the Authorised Service Centre for Samsung Electronics in the greater Natal region. This legacy of precision and skill continues to shape our path.

The tale of our founders is a story of dedication and expertise. Apprenticed under the esteemed Barlow Rand Group in 1975 and 1976, they earned the coveted C.O.T.T. Certificates as Radio and T.V. Mechanicians. These early experiences laid the foundation for a journey that would redefine appliance servicing.

A Dynamic Evolution: From National Panasonic to Today

T.M. Electronics' evolution mirrors the industry it serves. Starting as National Panasonic and evolving into Panasonic, our journey through the ages has been dynamic. It's within the realms of Panasonic's service department that our expertise found its stride, propelling us into the echelons of top service departments in the nation.

Prompt Solutions: The Heart of Our Service

Promptness is our promise. With a focus on efficient service, we pledge a turnaround time of approximately 2 days, contingent on the availability of essential appliance components. Your time matters, and we are committed to ensuring your appliances are up and running swiftly.

A Multifaceted Approach to Service

Precision Repairs and Comprehensive Servicing, our expertise embraces an extensive spectrum of products.

Spares Department: Unveiling Affordability

Our spares department is a testament to our dedication. Through direct sourcing from Samsung, we offer unbeatable prices, making quality repairs an affordable reality.

Embark on a Samsung Repairs Odyssey

Our proficiency spans a wide spectrum of Samsung products:

- Samsung LED TV's
- Samsung LCD TV's
- Samsung Plasma TV's
- Samsung VCR's
- Samsung Home Theatre Systems
- Samsung Hi-Fi's
- Samsung DVD players
- Samsung Fax Machines
- Samsung Cordless Phones
- Samsung Mobile Phones
- Samsung PC Monitors
- Samsung Printers
- Samsung Microwaves
- Samsung Fridges
- Samsung Dishwashers
- Samsung Washing Machines
- Samsung Tumble Dryers
- Rear Projection TV's, and beyond.

Start your quest for achieving the best possible performance from your appliances by getting in touch with us today.
Teakfield Road, Unit 20, Springfield Park, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
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