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The Pilates Agency studio offering Pilates classes is nestled away in the charming sanctuary of the Claremont Chiropractic Health Centre in the heart of Claremont, Cape Town. 

Our private Boutique studio is the perfect escape for anyone needing well deserved quite time away from their busy lives.

With a warm welcoming team, you will feel right at home!

“Pilates is complete co-ordination of body, mind and spirit" - Joseph Pilates

If you're looking for Pilates for BEGINNERS, then you're in luck! The method is perfectly suited for people of ALL abilities, ages and fitness levels.

The studio offers you much more than a regular Pilates studio can - with a mixed a range of equipment and dynamic class sequences with a beautifully designed and relaxing space to mentally unwind.

With a seasoned and attentive Pilates and movement instructor, you have all the ingredients for success, safety and progression for your body's health going forward.

Our Pilates studio is easily accessible for residents in Claremont, Newlands, Bishopscourt, Rondebosch and Kenilworth and is nestled in between the major schools making it a perfect stop over in between school drop-offs and sports events, or a quick class before heading back home after work.


1:1 Sessions

Highly individual attention to maximise benefits achieved through Pilates!

Sessions are sure to fit your needs and allow for swift progress on all levels.

Group Mat Sessions

A Group Mat Class is a Pilates class that is presented using primarily mat work exercises with the addition of various Pilates props such as: foam rollers, oval balls, small weights and pilates circles making the workouts interesting and challenging.

Duet Sessions 1:2

Duet Pilates classes are semi-private sessions for two people of similar level or experience. You'll work on all the equipment in the studio and as a result, you'll find that your body begins to move better. Make your duet Pilates class booking using the studio booking system.

Online 1:1 Sessions

In 2020 when everyone was forced to find new ways of keeping fit and happy, online sessions were the only alternative to visiting a Pilates studio.

Since then, the option has remained popular for the convenience it offers to both clients and instructors.

For online sessions, you don’t need to have any equipment, but if you have any props such as balls, elastic bands, or small weights, we can incorporate them as well.

Clients can still benefit hugely from adding online sessions as an option to their regular exercise regime, and all you need is a simple Pilates or Yoga mat and a device such as a mobile, tablet or laptop.


6 Herschel Road, Cape Town, Western Cape, Claremont, South Africa
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