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We help students (struggling, average or gifted), adults, and seniors achieve:

* Greater confidence
* Better memory and recall skills
* Faster learning  and thinking speed  
* Improved reading skills and comprehension
* Improved attention skills and focus

As part of the largest one-on-one brain training organization in the world, our premium programs are backed by extensive research and an active, international research institute.

From 6-year old students to senior adults, our customized, one-on-one brain training can benefit anyone who wants to train and strengthen the underlying foundational skills the brain uses to think, read, learn, remember, and pay attention.

Brain training is not tutoring. Our programs don’t re-teach academic information. Instead, they change how the brain grasps, stores and uses information.

Our clients include:

* Struggling students of all ages
* High-performing and gifted students wanting to further enhance learning ability
* Children and adults diagnosed with ADHD
* Children and adults diagnosed with a learning disability
* Children and adults struggling with memory, attention or reading problems
* Career adults, from junior to senior executive level, wanting to get ahead
* High school and university level students looking for an edge
* Senior adults wanting to stay sharp
* Children and adults diagnosed with dyslexia
* Children and adults who had a concussion(s)
* Children and adults diagnosed with dyscalculia
* Victims of stroke or brain injury (*dependent on severity and type of stroke or brain injury)
* Recovered chemotherapy patients
* Professional and amateur sportsmen/women looking for an edge on the sports field
* Sports and corporate teams wanting to understand and improve their team's cognitive abilities

Our one-on-one, premium brain training programs are helping individuals remember better, focus more and think faster.

Whether you're an average, already high-performing or struggling child or adult - with a faster, smarter brain, life is so much better!

Who can benefit from our programs?

Because the brain possesses a lifelong characteristic called neuroplasticity - and because our programs strengthen the cognitive skills that make it possible to think, learn, read, concentrate and remember - almost anyone can benefit from our programs.

In everyday language, neuroplasticity means the brain’s abilities are not “set in stone” - cognitive skills can be improved at any age and stage in life. And neuro-cognitive research continue to document that specific individualized, intense mental activity stimulates the brain to make these kinds of improvements.​

To learn easier, think faster, perform better or concentrate for longer, you first need to understand your own cognitive abilities.


85 Witrenoster Street, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
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