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Dolphin Bay Beach House is positioned on the edge of the ocean, overlooking the most beautiful bay, lagoon and secluded beach, on the entire KZN Coast. It has direct access to a pristine unspoilt beach. A short stroll across the lawn, through the gate, and you’re on the sand. The adjoining wetland reserve on the left of the house, is teaming with bird life, where regular sightings of Fish Eagles, Martial eagles, Giant kingfishers, grey and white Egrets, Woolly necked storks, Plovers and Dikkops occur.

Waking up in the morning to the call of the resident Fish Eagles or Giant King Fishers, will ensure your day begins on a happy note. The yearly spectacular visitation of thousands upon thousands of swallows, that come to roost in the adjoining wetland from late November to early January, is something that very few people have the privilege of witnessing.

The surrounding area is often visited by numerous small game, and it is a common sight to see Bush Buck, or grey and blue duiker on the front lawn in the early morning or late afternoon. The large rock at the edge of the property is home to a family of Rock Dassies, who have made it their home for the past 16 years, sharing it occasionally with the large resident iguana.

Once you’ve arrived at this unique piece of coastal paradise, you’ll surely not want to leave in a hurry. Most of our Guests are repeat customers who return year after year, to experience this amazing place and absolute tranquillity without the crowds.

It is advisable when staying at the beach house, to make time and explore this unspoilt coastline on foot, where one can experience the true beauty and uniqueness of the area. The South trail leads to the remains of the old shipwreck the “ Nightingale “ which sank off Munster beach in 1933. It is only 1,8 km away, and is easy accessible to all ages. The North trail leads to Palm Beach, and onto the Mpenjati river mouth, this walk is approximately 3km from the house, and is very enjoyable for the more adventurous walker.

Dolphin Bay Beach House is situated close to two superb golf courses and both are accessible within 15km of the property, the Wild Coast Casino and Water World is a 12km drive and the Southern Explorer arts and crafts meander begins when you leave the house. The well-known Mac Banana food emporium and internationally rated restaurants are all within a few km of the residence. A private air strip is also available for those who want to fly in with their own aircraft and this is only 2km away.

For the keen fisherman this is a location which produces good catches of shad and other rock and surf species. The kayak fisherman will enjoy the easy launch through the very secluded bay, and some good reefs are accessible within a 1km paddle from the beach. These reef’s produce some excellent catches of all the bottom feeding species, as well as numerous game fish. The Glenmore ski boat club and launch site is 1,8km away from the house, with a great ski boat club, and secluded launch area. For the water sport enthusiasts, the Old Pont Estuary and waterfront pub is a 20 minute drive away. The surfer boys and girls will enjoy surfing in what is known as “a secret spot” where you can surf in peace and have all the waves to yourself.

The owner Mike has personally walked the entire 70km Hibiscus coastline from Hibberdene to the Umtamvuna river mouth on the wild coast. He guarantees there is no other place which compares to the absolute idyllic location of the Dolphin Bay Beach House. The common remark made by many guests when they arrive is “ Wow we didn’t expect this “ and many say that the images on the net don’t do the house any justice. To date we have not had a single guest complaint about false expectations or misleading photo shopped images. This is something that gives personal satisfaction to the owners, knowing that when guests arrive they will never be disappointed, but rather more than satisfied with their choice of superb beach house holiday accommodation.

Dolphin Bay beach house takes pleasure in inviting guests to come and enjoy the experience of having the ocean almost on their door step, and the entire beach almost for oneself.

To conclude it all, Dolphin Bay Beach House should definitely be on your bucket list, as a place to visit before you die.


640/2 Sir Harry Lauder Drive, Glenmore, Port Edward 4278, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
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