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Are you dealing with the challenges of bedwetting? Seek no further than DRI Sleeper, a trusted remedy with a remarkable track record spanning over 30 years. Our solutions have instilled confidence and provided respite to countless individuals. Learn how DRI Sleeper can be your ally in this journey.

Why Opt for a Bedwetting Alarm?

A bedwetting alarm offers one of the most effective ways to tackle bedwetting in children. Understanding the rationale behind this solution and how to use it correctly can significantly increase your chances of success. Putting an end to bedwetting not only restores a child's self-esteem but also alleviates the stress parents often experience.

Our Impressive Product Lineup

DRI Sleeper Eclipse

Embark on a journey to conquer bedwetting swiftly with the DRI Sleeper Eclipse, a wireless bedwetting alarm paired with a moisture sensor. This premium solution comes highly recommended by enuresis professionals and medical experts worldwide. Parents find the Eclipse to be a breeze to operate, easy to maintain, and crafted from high-quality materials. Most importantly, it has a proven track record in effectively addressing bedwetting. Children adore its vibrant design, cordless convenience, skin-friendly Urosensor, and comfortable fit. The package includes one Urosensor and batteries.

DRI Sleeper Excel

The DRI Sleeper Excel is a wired bedwetting alarm featuring a patented Urosensor. Simple yet highly effective, the Excel is the original DRI Sleeper alarm and has successfully helped countless children worldwide overcome bedwetting. The package includes one Urosensor and batteries.

The Science Behind Bedwetting Alarms

Bedwetting alarms do more than merely signal when a child wets the bed. They play a crucial role in a learning process known as conditioning. Conditioning involves learning to respond to a sensation without conscious thought, such as waking when the bladder is full. The alarm is triggered when wetting occurs, and with time, the brain associates the urge to urinate with waking up. This conditioning process empowers users to wake up before experiencing bedwetting.

Get to Know Us

Our Background

Ecobabe South Africa, the exclusive importers and distributors of Anzacare DRI Sleeper alarms, came into existence in 2009. The company was established in recognition of the need for natural alternatives to the medical interventions available in South Africa at that time. Ecobabe found inspiration in the Valley Electronics range of Lady-Comp Fertility Computers. In 2010, they secured the rights to import Anzacare DRI Sleeper Bedwetting Treatment Alarms.

Our Mission & Vision

At Ecobabe, we are committed to providing South Africans with unique, high-quality, eco-conscious products that align with global health and well-being trends. As Ecobabe Manager, Lauren Karlin, aptly puts it, "Our aim is to offer South Africans distinctive, high-quality, eco-conscious products, keeping us in sync with international trends in health and well-being."

For additional insights into our offerings and how DRI Sleeper can help you tackle bedwetting, we invite you to explore our website. It's a valuable resource that offers in-depth information to aid you in making informed decisions and improving your quality of life.
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