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At Kiddie Majigs, we're not just a business; we're a family-driven enterprise fueled by our passion for all things related to children. Nestled in the heart of Johannesburg, our mission revolves around providing an enchanting assortment of dress-up costumes, captivating and educational toys, exquisite dancewear, and a kaleidoscope of party supplies that add an extra spark to your celebrations.

Discover Our Reach: Branches and Beyond

With two bustling branches located in the vibrant locales of Craighall Park and Parkview, we bring the magic closer to your doorstep. Additionally, for the convenience of our valued patrons, we operate a seamless online store that extends our reach nationwide, ensuring that the joys of Kiddie Majigs can grace every corner of the country.

Immediate Delight: Products Ready to Embrace Your World

Anticipation is a delightful feeling, and we're all about turning your excitement into instant enjoyment. Every product in our collection is meticulously chosen, ensuring that it's readily available and poised to embark on a journey to your hands. Timeliness is our promise; we're dedicated to swiftly whisking the wonders of Kiddie Majigs to doorsteps across the nation.

Our Journey: From Nurturing Roots to Blooming Franchise

Step into the world of Kiddie Majigs and you're stepping into a tale of growth, commitment, and unbridled enthusiasm. The origins of our "Toys and Dress-Up" franchise trace back to a quaint corner of Johannesburg, where Parkview Toys blossomed from a humble toy and bicycle shop into an emporium of childhood enchantments. Over the years, our vision expanded, leading us to cultivate distinct havens like 'Parkview Ballet and Dress-Up', 'Craighall Toys and Parties', and 'Morningside Toys'. Each of these endeavors resonates with the values of our inception – delivering top-notch, educational, and engaging goods that resonate with all ages.

Introducing the New Face of Delight: Kiddie Majigs

As the winds of change bring new aspirations, we proudly introduce ourselves as 'Kiddie Majigs'. This fresh moniker encapsulates the unity of our stores under a single banner. A new name and an innovative online presence, yet our commitment to exceptional services and unbeatable prices remains unwavering.

A Glimpse Into Our World: Where Dreams and Play Collide

Toys: The search for the perfect gift or the ideal educational pursuit ends here. Our treasure trove boasts an array of competitive-priced toys, ranging from educational wonders to classic wooden delights, all geared to light up young minds.

Dress Up: Imagination takes center stage as our handpicked collection of locally-crafted and internationally-inspired costumes captures the hearts of both boys and girls. Many of these creations are exclusive to our stores, adding an element of wonder to your child's playtime.

Ballet Supplies: For the budding dancers and graceful performers, we curate a range of ballet and dance supplies, ensuring that every twirl and pirouette is accompanied by the finest gear.

Party Supplies: Elevate your kiddies' parties to a realm of vibrancy and excitement with our wide spectrum of party supplies. From decorations to essentials, we've got it all covered.

Experience the Magic: Visit Our Website for More

This snapshot of Kiddie Majigs only scratches the surface of what we offer. To fully immerse yourself in the world of endless childhood wonders, vibrant celebrations, and educational treasures, we invite you to explore our website. Come, be a part of our journey and let's create lasting memories together.

For a deeper dive into our offerings, please visit our website. There, the tapestry of Kiddie Majigs unfolds with all its vibrant colors and delightful surprises.

345 Jan Smuts Avenue, The Colony Shopping Centre, Craighall Park 2196, Gauteng, South Africa
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