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At make it magical, our mission is to celebrate childhood creativity through hands on making and crafting. Children think like inventors, artists, scientists and engineers; playtime might begin with stories of fairies, unicorns and castles, but following this thread of curiosity is where the fun lies and the imagination explodes into life.

3-dimensional forms allow kids to engage in different ways – they tap into different sensory experiences and really dig their hands in; they dream big and watch in amazement as their hands bring those ideas to life.

STEAM is an educational approach that incorporates science, technology, engineering, art and math. We work with different natural products and recycled materials and our creative activity develops important performance skills like fine motor function and bilateral coordination. Presenting children with the materials and tools to explore 3-dimensional forms, leads to greater critical thinking skills, creativity and agency. A world of possibilities open, imaginations get sparked and creativity abounds.

We would love to share this magical world with you so that no child misses out on the opportunity to explore, imagine and create.

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
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