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Welcome to Orion Cable and Electrical, where we redefine your expectations in the realm of Industrial and Electrical Solutions. Far more than just a Distributor and Retailer, we take pride in our role as your dedicated Partner, ensuring success across diverse Industries.

Unparalleled Industrial and Electrical Hub

Step into the world of Orion Cable and Electrical, your unrivaled destination for all Industrial Cable and Electrical needs. As your premier hub, we cater to the unique demands of various Sectors, including Industrial, Automotive, Manufacturing, Mining and Construction Industries. Setting ourselves apart with an unwavering commitment to quality Products at competitive prices, we position your Projects for excellence.

Navigating Our Dynamic Product Portfolio

Empowering Connectivity with Industrial Cables

Explore our diverse selection of Industrial Cables, each tailored to the distinctive needs of your Operations. From robust Power Cables to efficient Data Transmission Cables, we provide reliable solutions for Industries requiring top-tier Connectivity and Electrical Distribution.

Essential Electrical Components for Safety and Efficiency

Discover our Comprehensive array of Electrical Components, including Switches, Isolators, Distribution Boards, Circuit Breakers, and more. These fundamental Components play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of Electrical Systems across diverse Sectors.

Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Greener Tomorrow

Embrace the future with our Renewable Energy Solutions, encompassing Solar Components, Inverters, and Batteries. We empower your Business to harness the potential of Renewable Energy Sources, contributing to a reduced environmental footprint and energy costs.

Reliable Industrial Starters and Alternators

Ensure the continuous, smooth operation of your Industrial Machinery and Equipment with our dependable Starters and Alternators. From Earthmoving Machines to Industrial Plants, our Products guarantee efficiency and consistent performance.

A Strategic Partnership for Success

At Orion Cable and Electrical, we transcend the conventional Supplier role; we are your strategic ally in achieving success in the Industrial and Electrical Domains. Our commitment to excellence, quality, and competitive pricing makes us the preferred choice for Businesses across various Sectors.

For a deeper dive into our offerings and to explore the full spectrum of Services, we invite you to visit our website at    Orion Cable and Electrical – Powering Success, Empowering Progress.


Wimpie Kotze
Managing Director
Mobile Number 083 679 2959
The Willows Opstal Street, Orion House, The Willows, Pretoria 0184, Gauteng, Gauteng, South Africa
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