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At Raphaels we strive for the very best in quality and service... we bake the best quality cakes and decorate them beautifully to bring joy and happiness. We are situated in Glenvista, Gauteng and we are ready to serve the entire South Africa.

At Raphaels, we will only give you our best, we spare no expense for you, we work at our best to bring you the best, because without you we would not exist, we appreciate your business and in return will ensure your joy and happiness every time you order your Birthday cake or any other cake from us.

For the very Finest quality and Ingredients you would expect from any Baker, we continue to maintain our Integrity, to ensure that you get the Best from Raphaels

At Raphaels we don't make promises that we cannot keep, we don't use cake pictures that do not belong to us, to fill up our pages on this website. We don't make attempts to make cakes if we could not do it.

We dont make dry sponge cakes, but deliciously moist cakes. We don't make photo copies of cakes, we make them better. To show you that we are a dedicated Team of bakers and Deocartors, bent on Quality.

We tell you today that we truly love what we do and do what we love, without the love and passion that we serve you with, our work would not accomplish the finished product that we present to you.... To Thank You, we have added more than 600 pictures of our work on the 2 New catalogue Pages. We appreciate your continued support and Trust that you give us.

Therefore Bring us your ideas to Bake, Ice, and Decorate your cake for your loved ones and that special event. From the entire team at Raphaels, we THANK YOU.


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110 Biggarsberg Road, Glenvista, Gauteng, South Africa
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