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At Westcliff Drive Playschool, we're on a mission to create a welcoming haven for children, offering them a home away from home. Our approach is dedicated to nurturing and stimulating a child's development in a unique way.

Innovative Learning at Its Best

Our programs are carefully designed to integrate various educational theories while keeping the child's best interests at the forefront. We provide hands-on, experiential learning opportunities, ensuring that every child's journey with us is both educational and enjoyable.

Personalized Attention in a Cozy Environment

We take pride in being a small playschool with a commitment to maintaining a high staff-to-child ratio. This means your child will receive personalized care that caters to their individual needs. Our primary aim is to create an environment where children are not only happy and secure but also equipped with the skills necessary for pre-primary school.

Holistic Development for Social Competence

Beyond academics, we prioritize social development. Children are encouraged to play, engage in group activities, and follow teacher instructions. Our nurturing environment promotes respect for others' artwork and belongings, fostering self-motivated children with strong self-esteem.

Diverse and Engaging Activities

Our weekly activities include a delightful mix of pottery, music, baking, art, and story time, ensuring that each day is filled with excitement. For those interested, we also offer ballet and Playfit classes to add a touch of creativity and physical fitness to their journey with us.

Your child's adventure awaits at Westcliff Drive Playschool. Visit our website to discover more about the exceptional services we provide.


47 Westcliff Drive, Parkview, Gauteng, South Africa
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